SynyrgX with Daniel Lorenz, is proudly partnered with FranChoice - the premier franchise consulting firm in the world. As an independent franchise consultant, I'm now able to leverage my franchise ownership experience with FranChoice's network to provide you with an unbiased selection of wealth creating opportunities.


What Does This All Mean?


I find great franchises, and match them with great owners. My six step process starts with a conversation, builds into a relationship based on trust and accountability and crests with your decision to begin creating wealth. Together we will uncover your entrepreneurial dreams. We will define exactly what you wish to avoid in a business and hone in on the models you find most exciting and attractive. This will ensure the opportunities I present to you, fit your exact business criteria and will increase your success at creating generational wealth.


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For over 20 years I have led Special Operations Forces in solving complex strategic level challenges around the globe. From the Korean DMZ through the South and Central American jungles; to the battle fields of Iraq. Each experience different in scope, yet solved drawing upon the same lessons learned in leadership throughout my military career.


Implementing my Special Operations leadership experience within my corporate career has been seamless. I've learned that the leadership principles used to solve complex problems in the military, are the same principles I could rely on to solve the challenges found on Wall Street, the Beltway my own business ventures and within corporations across the country.


What if I told you; mastering the leadership principles that have guided the world's most elite forces around the world, at the tip of the spear, could seamlessly guide your personal and professional life?


Well it can and I am here to share it with you through an intensive 1-on-1 business leadership coaching program utilizing these very same mindset hacks. Our time together will guide you through the plateaus and road blocks currently stalling your personal and professional progression. We will work together to regain a clear vision of your goals and dreams, redefine them and create a blueprint to get you back on track and where you belong.


Leadership is everything. I will help you harness the ability to bring together diverse groups of people by building culture within your teams capable to rise above every challenge. I will share the leadership principles necessary to guide every action and reaction resulting in your ability to maximize your personal output, and to carry forward a renewed vigor to motivate your teams and family to do the same.


It's imperative that Special Forces Soldiers lead to create more from less. One way to achieve this is by becoming "force multipliers". If you are ready to unleash your hidden potential and to leverage the same leadership traits inherent to all, take the first step by booking your discovery call with me.