Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Never in our history has it been more advantageous for a Veteran to transition into the civilian world than it is now. Chances are, that if you are reading this you are contemplating your own transition from military service. Moreover, you may even have a job already lined up or are scheduled to attend college so you can get that ole’ college monkey off your back.

This all sounds great and you deserve every opportunity that comes your way. The only question to ask yourself is; do you want a long-term job or do you want to get a head-start on creating generational wealth? If you are drawn toward the latter, then I am sure you already know that one of the four ways to create generational wealth is through business ownership?

But before you contact a fast-food restaurant, consider these three things:

1) why start a business from scratch when you can choose a proven and established business model through franchising?

2) choosing a proven franchise consultant is the surest way to get you on your path to creating generational wealth.

3) it has never been easier to fund your entrepreneurial dream than it is now.

It’s So Easy a Knuckle-Dragger Can Do it!

Listen, it’s not easy. Nothing in life worth having is. You already know that. But, toe-to-toe, Veterans possess more intangible business and leadership skills, while having zero business experience, than many of their civilian counterparts. You can either let Corporate America leverage your skills for their benefit, or you can leverage your skills to begin creating generational wealth.

According to the Small Business Administration, veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans. The reason people are drawn to franchising and why veterans have been very successful in this industry is because veterans don’t like reinventing the wheel. The franchisor has already done most of the work for you. You have either a turnkey or semi-turnkey model to operate and to be successful within your franchise. Moreover, franchises also come in owner/operator or semi-absentee models. With over 4,500 franchises, there is something for everyone.

5 Reasons Why Veterans Are Successful Franchisees

When going through your pro/con list of what you want in life, you must consider all options and realize that because of your military service, you are a little behind your peers in tenure. This affects pay rates, job titles, and promotions and many other aspects of your new career. However, through entrepreneurship, you instantly jump ahead of them because all of your work is leveraged to propel you and nobody else. There are five major reasons why veterans are so passionate about entrepreneurship and franchising. Because unlike a job, owning your own franchise allows you to:

  • Control: Your career is in your hands now. Compounding your businesses’ success will eliminate being “laid off” or unemployed at the worst times possible.

  • Leadership: You make the decisions, take credit for your successes and responsibility for your poorer ones.

  • Culture: Create the culture you always wanted to be a part of. We have all had great leaders that emphasized “culture” and we have all experienced the poor leaders that didn’t, and we all suffered for it. Owning your own business gives you the keys to change lives by creating a supportive and positive culture.

  • Wealth Creation: Private business ownership and its numerous advantages has become the primary method of creating wealth in America.

  • Lifestyle Freedom: Time is the only asset we can’t get more of. Business ownership allows you to leverage your time how you want. Spend time traveling, with family or creating other sources of revenue. Your answer to yourself and your business. Nobody else.

Phase Line Action

So I digress. You are considering leaving the military either through retirement, to go to school, or you are just ready for a new challenge. You may have a job, you may not. But what we do know is that starting a franchise has never been easier and more suited to get Veterans down the path of creating generational wealth. It doesn’t matter if you are going to school or working at a coffee shop. You can still learn about franchising and even open one while doing both of those things and more. I know because I did it. I know because there are franchise models that support it. But where to start?

Unfortunately, your transition center most likely lacks sufficient information on how you can become an entrepreneur; let alone about franchising. They will point you to education counselors and talk to you about college. Contrary to popular belief, the best source for the hard facts about franchising is not from a particular franchisor. The best source of information will come from an independent franchise consultant partnered with FranChoice. FranChoice is the premier franchising network when it comes to consultants. The best part is their services are free and they will point you in the right direction.


To learn more about the incredible franchises with low investment criteria, high margins and rapid break-evens schedule a call with Dan Lorenz.