There are doers, and wish'ers, hope'rs and fighters, those that are told they aren't smart enough, capable enough, young enough or experienced enough to grab their dreams; and then there are those that just don’t give a damn about labels and what they are told, and grab their dreams anyway.

Empathy, Respect, and Courage as the tools of choice for those fighters, builders, and leaders. The ones that will find a way to yes, won’t take "no" for an answer and that will do whatever it takes - within the confines of their moral values - to win. AT. ALL. COSTS. We believe in the ones that just don’t give a damn.


We want to live in a world where: People are defined by their WHY, and not by their how or what. Where sheepdogs roam the pastures and where people get into business to help themselves; to one day help others. We want to live in a world where these brave  sheepdogs call the shots. Because the wolves and sheep are undeserving of this honor.

Adversity. Fight over flight. The underdog. The crazy one, the "what are they thinking?" ones. We embrace being cold and wet, sleep-deprived and the seemingly never-ending feeling of uncertainty that IS entrepreneurship, until you make it NOT entrepreneurship. It gets our blood flowing and our goosebumps growing. We embrace the fire inside that makes everything else non-existent. The fire that drives us to a breakthrough. The fire that makes the hair rise on the back of our neck. We embrace all of this to overcome.

Guide you through the dark of night and into shore. To help you through that initial incredibly frightening feeling that all entrepreneurs experience. To quit your "secure" job to bet it all on yourself. To burn the boat so there is no turning back. To finally and truly start living your "why".


We care deeply about: Your success; strength in numbers and our common goal to pay it forward. Embrace the change. Become your "why". Get your hands dirty, roll up your sleeves and just WIN. There is no second place in business because nobody will ever care that you "tried".

Lose count of all those that we have helped, guided and that have returned the favor by making us better; helping us to continue living our why each and every day.


We feed off: Positive energy and focus. True grit and deliberate action. No excuses. No blame. That back-to-the-wall world closing in on your type of feeling. Defining your self-worth and "knowing what you are made of" type of resolve.  

We will be responsible for: Our actions and our message. Our community impact or lack thereof. We will be what we dream of being, or resort to what we were told we are. The latter is failure. We will not fail.


We will show the world: Our strength and our grit. Our resolve and our results. We will make them without intention, believe in the fighters, the underdogs, the inexperienced and over-experienced and to believe in our  Veterans. We will make the world believers in the unconventional and to unwittingly cheer on the ones that just don’t give a damn. The WE. And you better believe  we will become our world.   

© 2020 SYNYRGX.