My name is Daniel A. Lorenz. I’m a father and I’m a husband. An entrepreneur, investor, and Veteran of the United States Army's Special Forces. I’m many different things to many different people. What I become to you starts with a conversation. Specifically, I find great franchises and then find them great owners. Our conversations and the relationship we build together will orient us to your exact business aspirations. It won't always be easy; but together we will work tirelessly to discover the franchise vehicle that will leverage your business strengths, achieve your financial freedom and crush your life goals. I am your coach, your franchise guru, a path to creating long-lasting generational wealth. I am experience, information and your sounding board. What I am not is your savior, your decision-maker or your scapegoat. I am only one part of the equation. I’m an information conduit for you to learn from. If you're ready for change let's get started. 



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